Thursday, 19 September 2013

Vtech first steps baby walker review

The Vtech first steps baby walker was on Isabelle's 1st list to santa.  I had read great reviews about it and a lot of people I knew had recommended it to me.

the features include :

  • a sturdy design for support
  • musical, interactive and educational activities
  • textured wheels and easy grip handle
  • detachable learning centre
  • can be folded flat for easy storage

this activity had lots of fun for baby, they can use the detachable telephone to make all their important calls, listen to the many sounds and watch the lights.  It is designed so that the learning centre is detachable so be used on a flat surface.

Isabelle really loved this walker.  Having never had a baby walker before I was slightly concerned that as a pre walker it would simply fly away from her and she would be left flat in her face, but I needn't have been both Isabelle and her friend managed to stay upright thanks to the textured wheels.  She loved the noises that the learning centre has and the doggy song was in our heads pretty much all the time.  

This was very easy to assemble so no bored baby while she waited.  

So would I recommend this to you  ?  

Of course!, I think this is a very well thought out activity toy which is multi-purpose, both for helping your baby to take their first steps unaided but also to introduce them to learning.

You can find more information on the Vtech first steps baby walker here

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