Monday, 9 September 2013

Milton Mini soother steriliser review

Any parent will probably at some point (if not regularly) played chase the dummy.  It seems to a be a favoured pastime for our little ones, they learn how to throw it and mummy or daddy have to retrieve it, clean it and replace it.  Children are very good at making it land somewhere undesirable and a sterile replacement has to be found.  I remember all too well rummaging through the bottom of my ever expanding changing bag to find another dummy.

This is where this great little product is a godsend.  It is a mini steriliser just for a dummy, and is very cute too!  The Milton Mini Soother Steriliser
uses cold water and mini Milton tablets to sterilise a dummy in 15 minutes and keeps them that way for 24 hours.

I bought one of these for my daughter who has a fantastic aim and could make her dummy land in the most yucky of places.  We took it out for the day while shopping and I wasn't disappointed.  Twenty minutes into our shopping trip my little princess had thrown her dummy out of her pushchair and into a puddle.   I was able to give her a clean replacement straight away and pop the other in to sterilise ready for action when needed.

The Mini has a handy strap that you can attach to almost anything so your are not likely to lose that in your change bag too.  It also doubles up as a great distraction for your little one if you attach it to their pushchair, or car seat handle.

I really like this product, not only because it is reassuring that all sign of nasties are gone but also the trusted Milton smell is lush too.  At around £6.99 the price is great and I will be trying to get some for two of my friends who are expecting.

You can get more information and buy the Milton Mini Soother Steriliser on Amazon just click the link below

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