Sunday, 28 April 2013

there is nothing quite like hearing your little girl belly giggle....

it’s true….there is nothing  in this world that makes me smile wider than listening to my husband Sean making our little Isabelle giggle.
However this is not what we have been hearing the most over the past few days….instead we have been blessed with the ‘terrible two’s’ slightly early :(instead of hearing Isabelle’s sweet voice proclaiming she loves us “la loo” or indeed being her usual agreeable self, we are at every given opportunity told “NO!”.

I would like to think that Isabelle has learnt to have an opinion which indeed is a great skill and something I would encourage, but she is saying no to everything :(  a typical example is when she wants something and will go something like this…
Isabelle – “mummeeeeeeee?”
Mummy – “yes Isabelle?”
Isabelle – “bic bic peeeeeeese”
Mummy – “okay mummy will get you a biscuit”
(mummy hands Isabelle the asked for biscuit, only for Isabelle to shout “NO!” throw the biscuit across the room fold her arms around herself and pout!
now while this is very amusing and somewhat cute coming from such a little person it is getting rather annoying.
So now I have to feed and water my daughter like a lion at the zoo………very quietly creep up to the baby gate on the lounge door without being seen, place biscuit or whatever has been asked for over the gate onto the floor and back away.
All I can hope for now is that as this wonderful developmental stage has started early it will disappear early too………Please ?
Emma x