Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Fisher Price rainforest jumperoo review

The Fisher Price rainforest jumperoo is a baby jumper with a difference, it is free standing so no need to hang from a door.

  • can be used from when your baby can hold their head up
  • maximum weight 11kg /25lbs
  • offers 3 different height levels
  • washable seat
  • toys music and lights for stimulation
  • seat rotates 360°
  • safe environment for your child to play.
the first thing you will notice when you buy the Jumperoo is that the packaging is easy to open, and assembly is straightforward.

The Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo is a great activity toy which also helps exercise little legs, while supporting them.  There are toys such as the monkey, elephant and lizard.  The seat rotates to activate the music which mummy or daddy can set to play for 4 minutes.  There is also a drum that your little one can spin to activate the music and lights too.  There are lots of things to keep your baby amused while stimulating their senses.  This jumperoo also helps them fine tune their large motor skills.

From a parents point of view  this is a great toy to keep your baby occupied while letting them exercise in a safe environment.  It will grow with your child and the seat pad is machine washable.

Overall this is a really great buy and I know lots of parents who were more than happy with it.

Have you bought this or anything similar ?  

This is one of amazon's top selling baby products and that alone gives a seal of approval for me.

you can get more information and pricing by clicking the link below

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