Monday, 2 December 2013

oh Christmas tree….oh Christmas tree………

It has become a tradition in the Stolpy household that our Christmas decorations go up during the first weekend of December, so our tree is up and twinkling away :)

Last year we moved to our new house on the 14th of December and only having 10 days til xmas eve and still being buried under tonnes of boxes, we bought a real tree and threw on some decorations we could find in the loft.  It was possibly the oddest xmas we have had, our house needed totally redecorating and with no carpets anywhere it wasn’t the most fun build up ever.  But this year we have busted out butts to get every inch of the house decorated and carpeted and finally looking forward to a comfy xmas.

We needed to buy a new tree this year as our lounge and my huge desk will not allow for a huge real tree, so I wanted a pretty new one.  Sadly our budget for the tree was minimal so wanted a bargain.  Our lounge is decorated in black white and dark grey so I wanted a white Christmas tree, on looking at what was available on the internet I soon discovered that a white tree in our budget either didn’t exist or it resembled a bald stick with a couple of branches.

I did however spot a tree that B&M homestore are selling for £9.99.  The picture looked good and although dubious we decided to go have a look.  Our local store resembled somewhere that had been looted for all things Christmas and sadly had none of these trees on display so had to hope and prey that the picture on the box was realistic.


Well I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, the tree came in three parts that just pop together and after a bit of tree branch fluffing we had a very pretty white 6ft tree!!  I sent Sean into the loft hunting for decorations and he found some I bought a couple of years ago.  Me and Belle decorated the tree and Sean helped Belle put the star on stop.

I am so happy with the finished result, it is sooooo pretty


What do you think ?

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