Saturday, 23 November 2013

Christmas shopping - if like us you have someway to go here are some great Amazon offers to help you on your way…….

xmas 2012
WOW!  With so much going on here over the past few weeks we haven’t had time to trawl for any offers and I kind of wish we had sooner (lesson learnt here).  If we had my blog to do list wouldn’t look as big as it does right now……..ooops!  all things small and pretty have been working away on some new exciting projects to take us through to 2014 and will post as soon they are ready to go :)

The build up to Christmas can be a little stressful and we sometimes forget ourselves while shopping so I will also post some great offers for mummy and daddy too, I’m sure we’ve all been extra good this year and deserve a little thank you!
Oh well better late than never I guess.  There are some great deals on toys and games for everyone and in an effort to share as much as I can I will post seperately for the following offers.  If you want to be kept up to date with offers as I find them please follow me by email >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Posts upcoming this week are

Something for your pre-schoolers from Amazon
Something for your older children from Amazon
Something for Mummy from Amazon
Something for Daddy from Amazon
Something for the whole family

As always these offers will be time limited and with ‘Black Friday’ fast approaching I guess may end around then.  I have plans to ship the kids off for the day on Black friday so I can update as often as possible with some awesome discounts both on here and facebook and twitter, please add or follow us to be kept up to date.

We also have a few new product reviews just waiting to be posted and as always we try to review what you are looking for, to be honest our to do list for that is growing and after Christmas will explode with all that Santa brings, busy busy busy just how we like things.

Have a great week and very happy Christmas bargain hunting



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