Saturday, 24 August 2013

Tommee Tippee closer to nature bottles review

These are the bottles I have used for both of my children, and when I say both I mean the same bottles!  

Features of the bottles are as follows

The teats are desined specially to mimic the feel of breast feeding to your baby, which are very soft.
They have a clever little valve that is said to be super sensitive.
They are easy hold and come with a slow flow teat
and are BPA-free

now that is all the technical stuff, what does actually mean to a parent ?

Well these bottles are available in a starter pack that can include, 6 small 150ml/5floz bottles and six larger 260ml/9floz bottles, slow flow teats(which are for new baby's), lids and a bottle brush.  This pretty much everything you will need for when you bring your new baby home.  I found the price for the starter pack very reasonable.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature 260 ml/9fl oz Feeding Bottles (6-pack)
The bottles themselves are chunky and very easy to hold, anyone that has done night feeds with a newborn will know that a sleepy baby will drink very slowly and a regular shaped bottle can induce hand cramp.  

The teats are very clever, there is a little valve that prevents the teat collapsing if baby sucks to hard, (slight tip to ensure this happens point this to baby's nose not their chin as chubby chins can block the valve and result in a grumpy/woken up baby when you have to remove the bottle to rectify the situation !)  The teats are also available in anti colic version which was good.  

With the bottles and teats being chunkier than other bottles, you may find that you will need to double check that they will fit in your steriliser( they are usually for a standard size bottle) Look for sterilisers that state that wide neck bottles will fit.  However with the bottles being that bit wider they are very easy to clean.

As I said above I actually used the same set of bottles for my son and then 3 years later for my daughter, I just replaced the teats.  They are still in great condition now.

Overall I highly rate these bottles they are good value for money and are very practical.

if you would like to see more about these bottles click the picture below :) 

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