Saturday, 24 August 2013

product review - Tommee Tippee closer to nature digital sensor mat monitor

 I had a tommee tippee baby monitor with sensor mat for my son five and a half years ago, I was so happy with it I bought the latest version for my daughter.  Being a creature of habit I tend to stick with what works for me, so when I was looking at prices for a new monitor I already had a list if must haves on my check list.

  • Price - always a first for me when buying anything even if money isn't a problem I always like to get the best deal for my budget available
  • Sensor mat included
  • mobility
  • Range
  • Look
  •  and finally customer reviews
Looking around I was drawn to all the pretty/does everything you need and more type monitors.....but alas having a monitor that was capable of switching my tv over to see what my little Angel was doing at every movement was not something I wanted, after all the many hours of minimal sleep/endless nappy and outfit changes/bottle preparation, I was happy to sit and veg watching rubbish tv while the peace lasted.
So I decided on the latest version of my old one the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Sensor Mat Monitor

The new sleek design, parent unit which has also got a talk back facility on it and the fact it was within my price range was a winner for me.

So here is my review

The monitor is very easy and quick to set up, you can choose to have the sensor mat switched on or off which I recently found out is a great idea for when your child is older and covert spying techniques are better handled remotely ....the range on the parent unit is amazing it reached to our garden which wasn't attached to our flat a great idea as I could hang washing out while she was asleep and hear if she woke up.  The display has a night light on it which is adjustable and also a room thermometer.  The sensor mat has an alarm on it which goes of if there is no movement from your baby for a certain amount of time, this is obviously the whole point if the sensor mat and is very reassuring as is the click that it makes as your child breathes or moves.  I did notice that the length of time that the alarm went off was shortened on the latest model, but ours only went off a handful of times so no annoyance at all. The only downside I have found is that the parent unit has rechargeable batteries in it, which I understand is needed for them to recharge while on the base unit.  But once the batteries had died and without a battery charger I was no longer able to use it off the base for long.  Maybe a switch from battery while mobile to use on base unit would be better?

That aside this is an absolutely great product and would highly recommend to my friends and customers.

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