Wednesday, 22 January 2014

our favourite Aldi products – tried and tested

following on from our family food shop post here are our favourite Aldi products
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I love saving money and when i can get great value products while doing my weekly shop I am a happy mummy.

Here are a few of our family favourites from Aldi, they are really worth a try


these are totally scrummy and both Isabelle and Joshua will choose these most mornings

kitchen spray

this multi action cleaner has a lovely apple fragrance and is great all around the house.  I use it to clean everywhere, but it is especially great in the kitchen, just spray and leave for 5 mins on greasy/burnt on spills and wipe off.

This chocolate is so nice, we think it is nicer that everyday fruit and nut and we always have a couple of bars hiding in the fridge for a late night treat once the children are in bed.

malted milks
popular with all children that visit our house, and full of milk what else do you need ?

It may not look that amazing, but this is the nicest marmalade I’ve tried, a popular sandwich filler.

this is a great washing powder, it smells just like Bold 2-in-1 but at a fraction of the price.

non bio
my choice for sensitive new babies, smells amazing and it great at getting rid of baby related marks.

cat food
The Vitacat range is really good, especially for my fussy two.  It also has hairball technology, which for Alfie is a god send!

mamia nappies
The Mamia range of nappies is amazing value and quality.  I have been using these for almost two years and love them, the price is really good too.

light mayo

The Bramwells range of sauces and condiments is really great value and quality, I am really fussy with mayonnaise and since buying this a while ago I haven’t gone back to my old brand.


These are possibly the best wipes I have used, they are sensitive and as Belle suffers with eczema are great for her.  They come in a really big pack of 80 and get used everywhere.


Very handy for snacking on the go, there is always a box in my handbag or Isabelle’s bag and Josh takes them him his packed lunch too.  They come in 12 handy snack size boxes.


I love this range of conserves (posh Jam), it is a lovely mummy treat.


And finally these Oaties are just as good if not better than the leading brand and at a great price too.  These are just for mummy and daddy to share.

There are probably lots more fantastic products that we have found at Aldi, since swapping we have used the ‘try it and see’ method and I would honestly say very few products have not matched up to our expectations.

Have you tried Aldi yet ?  I would love to know what products you rate maybe we can find some new buys.

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